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Tips to Keep Your Diamond Rings Melbourne Shinning Forever!


When it comes to jewellery, diamonds are said to the first of love of women. Jewelleries made up of diamond are adored by every woman. The astonishing and beautiful finish of this jewellery has the power to leave the world in astonishment. There is a plethora of diamond accessories that women can choose from including – diamond rings Melbourne, pendant, necklace, earnings, and many others.  If you considering something with a blend of sophistication and simplicity, diamond rings Melbourne is the perfect way to go ahead with it. The grace and charm of a solitaire diamond rings speaks volume of love that you can also express by gifting it to your loved one. There are many jewellery stores in Melbourne that stocks widest selection of beautiful and stunning diamond rings that suits to your personality and budget.

wedding rings online

Even though, diamond is natural durable and the hardest material on the earth, but over time, diamond rings starts losing their sparkle by collecting dirt, oils and grease. As woman love to wear diamond ring on daily basis, hence it becomes important to know how to care for and clean your diamond ring, so to maintain its brightness and shine for years to come and you can wear it as long as you want.

Diamonds is natural magnets for grease, so they’re not simple to keep dirt free and affect its brightness. But here are some guidelines and things to know to keep your diamond ring shining & brighter! Have a look below –

  • Handle diamond carefully Make sure to pick up your ring by its not and not by diamond, as the dirt and oil and will stick diamond. Also it is will help in preventing stone from loosening its shine in the long run.
  • Keep your diamond ring away from chemical usage. Chemicals can cause damage to your ring and rob it of its shine and lustre. Hence, it’s important to remove your ring when you are using cleaning products or applying cosmetics, hairspray, and creams.
  • Don’t keep your diamond rings with the other jewellery item; Make sure to store it separately and in a safe place. In this way you can prevent your precious rings from being getting scratched. The best way to protect it is to keep it safe in a soft fabric or leather pouch.
  • Vodka is the best solution to keep your rings clean, Soak your ring in a glass of vodka. It will sparkle your ring back in no time, just don’t forget to wash it with warm water afterwards.
  • Make sure to use soft cloth to wipe off or to remove accumulated dirt
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