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Things you Need to Know about Finding a Floor Sanding Expert

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Floor polishing Melbourne and floor sanding are the two great methods that can really enhance the look and appearance of your timber floors as well as increase its durability and quality. A well-finished timber floors goes well with any house style in an elegant and graceful way.  Though there are many products and machines available in market that can be perfect option for homeowners who have the itch to do floor sanding and polishing by their own. But in today hectic world, not all the persons have the time to perform floor refurbishment by themselves and hence it is always recommended to hire professional floor sanding and polishing service provider who have the skill and capabilities to assist you!!

What sort of services provided by floor sanding and polishing professionals:

  • Floor Sanding Melbourne and polishing expert are able to provide a comprehensive range of services.  These include:
  • Professionals will offer you with wide range of services ranging from – Timber Floor Sanding & Floor Polishing, Floor Staining, Floor Repair, and Floor Installation services.
  • They will give you advice on all aspects of timber flooring and how to get the look that want
  • They will prepare the floor by removal of old floor coverings, levelling the sub floor and rough-sanding
  • Sanding and polishing floors using advanced machinery and quality polishing products to ensure you always get superior quality results.
  • Staining floors
  • Repairing sub floors, damaged floors,
  • Maintenance of your polished floor. Some of the best companies like Total floor sanding and polishing give needful assistance to their customers for a 12 month guarantee period on their floor sanding & polishing jobs.

How to Hire a Floor Sanding and Polishing Professional:

When choosing a floor sanding and polishing professional, here are few things that need to be considered. Firstly you need to check whether the floor sanding expert you are choosing is license or not? Also, if possible make sure to ask for the sample of work so that you can have an idea of what sort of they do. Finally, the professional should be willing to provide you with an obligation-free quote. In this way you can find the right service provider as per your need and budget.

How to Maintain Newly Sanded or Polished Timber Floors by Experts:

One floors are sanded and polished are done makes sure you leave the home alone for few days or if it’s not possible then remember few points that will help you to maintain your floors in better ways:

  • Before walking on the floors makes sure to wear socks so that oils from your foot cannot ruin the floor surface for at least 48 hours.
  • Don’t put heavy furniture on your floors for 3 – 4 days as it will help to minimise the risk of damage to the floor
  • Remember that the floor surface may take up to 14 days to fully harden.  Avoid using trolleys with small wheels as this damage the finish.
  • Do not lay any rugs for two weeks after the floor has been completed.
  • Make sure sweep your floors regularly using anti-static dust mop

So, by keeping this few things in mind you can maintain yours to best possible level.  If you are interested to have Floor Polishing Melbourne, click here to know more.

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