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Video Productions

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Video Productions

Video productions Melbourne, specialising in high-end and high quality content for TV, DVD, Online, and Social Media. They strongly believe that it is one of the most effective media communicators in the world, if you know how to do it well. They do it very well. With their strong background in film and video production in Melbourne, their mission is to deliver on brief, on time and on budget.

  • Creative video productions in Melbourne with substance

They help clients to create an intimate conversation with their audience which cannot be achieved through text or photographs alone. They also have their own HD Edit suites and the latest in HD Video Cameras, sound, and lighting. Their strong background in the film and video production industry in Melbourne, together with their award winning multimedia DVDs and CD ROMs, has allowed them to become the proficient and skilled company in creative multimedia.

  • Your one stop with them

They also supply the best Camera Operators and Sound Reformists, Voice Over Artists, Graphic Artists, 3D Animators, Code writers, Researchers or Script Writers, Directors, Project Managers, Producers and Green Screen Facilities. With the very latest in cutting edge equipment, if you can dream it, they are the expert video production company in Melbourne with the capability to film it.

·         For clients that want to put their best image forward

Video Productions Melbourne team apart from other is their ability to enhance your idea, company or brand, making the message more effective and helping you to target your audience better. They find that many people don’t know what they need until they speak to them. With a broad range of clients, what they love about them is that they care about the end result as much as they do. With a strong attention to detail and ability to understand exactly where the clients want to be and how they want to be seen by their target audience.

·         Exceptional facilities

They have a large studio space for filming and corporate video production in Melbourne. They can cater for a wide variety of filming needs and can transform the space into whatever you need it to be. From a sit down talk show style or a green screen studio, through to a backyard ‘man shed’. When it comes to corporate video production in Melbourne, you are only limited by your ideas. The creative studio is also equipped with all the lighting equipment you will require facilities for talent to read scripts from. Their studio space is spacious and quiet, ideal for filming any time of day which can be difficult to find in a space so close to the CBD.


The expert team here at Video Productions Melbourne has the experience and knowledge to ensure that the best will be captured with your audience’s attention with fabulous footage, and the highest production quality utmost.

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