Hand wash & Hand Cream

Prevent and hydrate dry, chapped hands this winter


During the winter months, our skin’s ability to retain moisture drops by more than 25%. That means putting hand cream on once a day is simply not adequate for preventing and hydrating dry, chapped hands. Dry hands need moisture to heal, so give your hands a little extra help with a hand cream and hand wash duo that cares for your skin.

Hand cream

Many hand creams are simply too light to lock in the moisture that your skin desperately needs to heal once they are dry and chapped. Your nails and cuticles are also prone to dehydration, with dry skin around the nail bed often resulting in painful hangnails.

Choose a thicker hand cream that has been formulated with protective, hydrating ingredients as well as those proven to seal in the moisture. These include Aloe Vera, Vitamin E oil and plant oils such as avocado, olive, sesame and jojoba.

Try:Sukin Hand and Nail Cream, enriched with Sesame, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Borage. Suitable for all skin types especially dry and sensitive, our hand cream helps to protect dehydrated hands while caring for nails and cuticles with added Hydrolyzed Soy Protein.

Hand wash

Frequent hand washing results in dryer hands, making it even worse when your hands are already dry. Since repeated hand washing is often unavoidable, taking good care of your hands and what you’re washing them with is important.

Using an alcohol-based hand wash and hot water is extra-drying for cracked hands. So, too, are hand sanitiser gels. Use a hand wash that is not only cleansing but also moisturising to leave your hands soft, smooth and hygienic. Keep the water lukewarm, as hot water removes natural oils from the skin, leaving skin feeling dry and flaky all over the body, not just the hands.

Sukin is one of the few companies offering SLS and triclosan-free hand washes. We leave out these harsh ingredients and instead choose to incorporate natural and organic plant actives. These are gentle on your skin, yet still tough on bacteria.

Try:Sukin Cleansing Hand Wash, with Chamomile, Yucca, Lavender, Rosehip. Suitable for all skin types, our hand wash is designed to gently remove dirt and grime from the hands, without drying the skin.

Just like your face and hair, the skin on your hands needs some extra attention, too. If you have sensitive skin, protect yourself from the harshness of cold weather with a dedicated skin care routine during this season.

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