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When To Gift Custom Bar Mat?


Any individual who has a man cave needs to know that he is privileged. But, irrespective of the fact that how privileged he is, there’s one thing which his man cave probably does not feature- his Custom Bar Mats.

It looks that quite strange that the cheap item such as a customised bar mat is still missing, it is probably not cost- it is just the common over sight that most of the men while they’re planning for their retreat.

So, in case you’re looking for some exclusive gift idea for a man who has got everything, you may gift him a custom bar mat.

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What makes man cave a special place?

It can have sports theme like basketball, football, baseball, ice hockey, soccer, etc. Or it may even have a hobby theme like bowling, fishing, golf, etc. Irrespective of the theme, you may guarantee that it’s something that he really enjoys. So, if you’re going to get a personalised mat done for him, you would know what to customise it with.

Even though there’re probably very few available, it’s very difficult to imagine some man cave without bar. So, you can be quite confident that a personalised mat would be the best idea for him.

So, along with the bar, the man cave could also have a pool table, a card, a huge screen television and a reclining sofa in the lounge, maybe a computer gaming console, a juke box, a bowling alley, a karaoke system, etc.

Irrespective of the thing you are planning to customise it with, there is just one thing which you need to always include and that is his name. Personalising it with his full name would help in identifying it as a very integral part of the special room.

In case hi man case has got a very distinct theme, one of the best things to do is to follow the theme closely.

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How to personalise the mat?

In case the theme of his man cave is based on some hobby, your aim would be to fetch some pictures of him doing that activity. For instance, if he is a fisherman, then a picture of him holding a big fish, if he is a bowler then a picture of him celebrating a strike after bowling, etc.

By personalising the mat with something that he really loves, you would be sure that he would really love your gift.

If his man cave doesn’t have any particular theme that you’re looking at, you may create some customised design that you like- rude, family members, cars, humorous, etc. The personalised Bar Mat can be made with designs, photos, logos, text, etc. that you choose. But, it is always worth considering that some of the best ideas are always related to things which are close to our heart.


If you are looking to gift something to a friend who has his own man cave, then a customised Bar Mat would be the best for him. It will be a different gift for a person who already has everything possible in his house.

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